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Long Live the W3 TimBL King.

Wish a long long life to Tim Berners-Lee who gave us World Wide Web. Sir Tim Berners-Lee, also known as TimBL,  was born on 8th Jun 1955 invented the World Wide Web ( WWW ) while at CERN , the European Particle Physics Laboratory, in 1989. He was a graduate of Oxford University. He is also a Professor in the Computer Science Department at the University of Oxford, UK. He is President of and founded the Open Data Institute in London. He is President of London's Open Data Institute. He is the co-founder and CTO of , a tech start-up which uses, promotes and helps develop the open source SOLID    platform.    Sir Tim is also the Director of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), a Web standards organization founded in 1994 which develops interoperable technologies (specifications, guidelines, software, and tools) to lead the Web to its full potential. He is a Director of the World Wide Web Foundation which was launched in 2009 to coordinate efforts to further the potential of

Remembering the two great mathematicians named Bhaskaracharyas and the two Indian Satellites named Bhaskara !!

Today is 7th June 2020 and would like to humbly write few words about the two Satellites launched by India named after two Great Mathematicians Bhaskaracharya-I and Bhaskaracharya-II Bhaskara-I was the second Indian satellite launched on 7th June 1979.  The first was Aryabhata with 3 nonmeteorological experiments. Bhaskara-I was launched as part of the satellite-for-earth-observations (SEO) program, and was placed in orbit by a Soviet vehicle launched from a Cosmodrome in the USSR. The main objectives were to conduct earth observation experiments for applications related to hydrology, telemetry, oceanography forestry and geology using a two-band TV camera system and a a two-frequency satellite microwave radiometer (SAMIR) system. Secondary objectives were to test engineering and data processing systems, to collect limited meteorological data from remote platforms, and to conduct scientific investigations in X-ray astronomy. Thereafter Bhaskar-II was launched on November 20, 1981. Bhask

India needs to support ‘Free Tibet’ and rectify the mistake of Nehruvian Era.

Tibet, before the massive Chinese influx of the 1950s, was a self-sufficient society.  The Chinese invasion of Tibet, which culminated in the 1962 war between India and China, has often been portrayed as the “Great Chinese Betrayal” and “a stab in the back”. But actually it was a  “stab in the front”  because the  stab was invited by India’s own Prime Minster, Jawaharlal Nehru. In the year 1950, two momentous events shook Asia and the world.  One was the Chinese invasion of Tibet, and the other, the Chinese intervention in the Korean War. The Chinese announced their invasion of Tibet on 25 October 1950. But about a year before the Chinese invasion, Nehru had written: “Chinese communists are likely to invade Tibet.” Despite being aware about this invasion, Nehru was showing more interest in Korea than in Tibet and encouraged the Chinese invasion into Tibet. According to Claude Arpi, a French expert on Tibet and China, said, Without Delhi’s active support, the Chinese troops would not ha

Birth Anniversary of Veer Savarkar - A Revolutionary leader of Bharat

Swatantrya Veer Savarkar  - Revolutionary leader during the Independence movement of Bharat ( aka India ) On the occasion of the birth anniversary of Veer Savarkar, the Revolutionary,  who did not support the partition of the country,  I would like to humbly write few words with a high degree of respect.  Vinayak Damodar Savarkar was born on 28 May 1873 in Bhagur village in Nashik. Swatantraveer Veer Savarkar was a front-line fighter and fierce nationalist leader of the Indian independence movement. Savarkar was always in favor of a united India. A great credit for developing the political ideology of the Hindu nation goes to Savarkar. He was not only a fiery fighter of the freedom struggle, but also a great revolutionary, thinker, writer, poet, brilliant orator and visionary politician.  In 1904, he founded a revolutionary organization called Abhinav Bharat. After the partition of Bengal in 1905, he lit Holi ( bonfire ) of foreign cloth in Pune. At Ferguson College, Pune, he used to

Birth anniversary of Veer Shiromani Maharana Pratap - A Mighty Valiant Warrior

On the occasion of the birth anniversary of Veer Shiromani Maharana Pratap, the mighty valiant warrior, I would like to humbly write few words with a high degree of respect.  According to the Hindu Alamanac (Panchang), Pratap was born at Kumbhalgarh fort on Jyeshtha Shukla Tritiya of Vikram Samvat 1597 ( 9th May 1560 AD ).  This year it happens to be on 25th May 2020.  Pratap's grandfather was the great warrior Rana Sanga and grandmother was Maharani Karmavati. He was also known as Kika during his childhood. He got this name from the Bhils ( a community ), in whose company he spent the early days. Kika means 'son' in the dialect of Bhils. Maharana Pratap had a horse named Chetak which he loved most. Chetak has his place in Pratap's heroic stories. He played an important role in winning many battles with agility, speed and bravery. The most interesting fact in the reign of Maharana Pratap is that the Mughal Emperor Akbar wanted to bring Rana Pratap under his control with

Prithviraj Chouhan - Ten measures ahead of you and twenty four feet away

Ten measures ahead of you and twenty four feet away, is seated the Sultan, do not miss him now, Chouhan  चार बांस चौबीस गज, अंगुल अष्ट प्रमाण, ता ऊपर सुल्तान है मत चुके चौहान।  In the 12th century, when Mohammed Ghori was earlier defeated by the Solankis and had to retreat from the western edge of the Thar, he tried invading Bharat ( aka India ) from another route. But on the other side of the Thar lay the domains of the Maharaja of Sambhar (Shaka-ambara) Prithviraj Chauhan, who was known for his bravery and chivalry.  English :  vishvabharat Hindi    :  विश्व.भारत   Mohammed having tasted defeat at Hindu hands once, decided to make use of subterfuge. He studied Hindu warfare, as had been done by Sabuktgin two hundred years before him. Thus, fully prepared to invade Bharat ( aka India ), he advanced through West Punjab and laid siege to the fortress of Bhatinda in East Punjab, that lay on the borders of Prithvitraja’s domains. Soon, he had to face the wrath of the Rajputs, and at Tarai

Dharmveer Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj - 14 May 1647

Dharmveer Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj,  or Shambhu Raje as he was fondly called, was the eldest son of the legendary Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. He was born on 14 May 1647 at Fort Purander.    Sambhaji was called Dharmveer because he kept Aurangzeb engaged for many years and refused to convert himself to Islam when Sambhaji was captivated by Aurangzeb.  Sambhaji was tortured for more than forty  days, but did not succumb to the pressure. The last three days were the cruelest of all. Aurangzeb ordered the Sambhaji's tongue to be pulled out, his eyes were gouged out, and his limbs were severed. On the third day, his head was taken off his shoulders.  Sambhaji  was a true Hindu martyr, one who preferred death to an ignoble life of subservience by Islamic terrorists like Aurangzeb. In modern days too, we have seen how the Jihadis behead the infidels. This is the same age old 6th century   mindset which is endangering the entire humanity,  even today. Sambhaji's mother was Saibai,

Raja Dahir Sen : King who fought with valour and trampled the Islamic Invaders. इस्लामी आक्रांताओं के सीने के दाह : राजा दाहिर सेन

आठवीं सदी के इस्लामी आक्रांताओं के सीने के दाह : राजा दाहिर सेन भारतवर्ष की आठवीं सदी शूरवीर नायक के तौर पर जाना जाता था - राजा दाहिर सेन । राजा दाहिर सेन के शासन के ७४ वर्षों के दौरान नौ इस्लामी आक्रांताओं ने कम से कम १५ बार सिंध पर आक्रमण किया, लेकिन सिंध के इस शूरवीर ने १४ बार इन इस्लामी आक्रमणकारियों को घुटने टेकने पर मजबूर कर दिया । बहुत कम लोग जानते हैं कि जब इस्लामी आक्रांताओं ने ६३४ में फारस पर आक्रमण किया था, तो उन्होंने ६३८ में एक बदमाश मुस्लिम खलीफा उमर के आदेश पर, सिंध में भारत पर आक्रमण किया, जो केवल चार वर्षों के अंतराल में हुआ था। लेकिन जब फारस ने सत्रह वर्षों में, ६५१ तक आत्मसमर्पण कर लिया था, तो इस्लामी आक्रांताओं को भारत में सात सौ साल लग गए और उसके बाद भी वे शांति से भारत पर शासन नहीं कर सके। सिंध के प्रतापी राजा थे दाहिर सेन आज सिंध मुस्लिम देश का एक हिस्सा है, जिसे पाकिस्तान कहा जाता है और जो १९४७ तक हिंदू भारत का हिस्सा था । सिंधु नदी के पूर्व में बसा सिंध। आज बेशक पाकिस्तान के हिस्से में है. लेकिन वैदिक काल में ये जगह हमारे भारत के ऋषि-मुनियों की तपोभूमि हुआ करती

वैशाख पौर्णिमा - कूर्म जयंती - Start of Amphibian life on Earth - 7 May 2020

Today is Kurm Jayanti ( कूर्म जयंती  ). According to various scriptures of Sanatan Dharm,  it is believed to be the day the amphibians like Tortoise ( कूर्म ) ,  came into being on 'Planet Earth'. The amphibians  are the ones who  live in water as well as on land. Before amphibians, the aqautic life, like most types of fish,  came into being. Aqautic means living in water. It is believed that in Sanatan Dharm ( aka Hinduism )  the life came into being, in the form of Mahaguru ( aka God ) called as Avatar ( अवतार  ). Guru means "One who removes" the "Darkness of matter". Avatar means the same,  but may or may not be humans. Ava ( अव )  means to 'descend' or 'come into existence' and tar ( तार )  means to heal or restore.  So,  the known 8 out of 10 Avatars are as follows :  #  Name  नाम   Description   1  Fish  मत्स्य  Aquatic life on Earth  2  Tortoise  कूर्म  Amphibian life on Earth  3  Boar  वराह  Mammals  on Earth  4  Narsimha  नरसिंह  Agg

Jihadi State Pakistan needs a BIGGEST HIT

Jihadi State Pakistan needs a BIGGEST HIT URI with a retaliation of SURGICAL STRIKE PULWAMA with a retaliation of AIR STRIKE HANDWARA should be with a retaliation of MUCH MUCH BIGGER STRIKE Watch a PRECISE ATTACK before BIGGER STRIKE विश्व.भारत