वैशाख पौर्णिमा - कूर्म जयंती - Start of Amphibian life on Earth - 7 May 2020

Today is Kurm Jayanti ( कूर्म जयंती  ). According to various scriptures of Sanatan Dharm,  it is believed to be the day the amphibians like Tortoise ( कूर्म ) ,  came into being on 'Planet Earth'. The amphibians  are the ones who  live in water as well as on land. Before amphibians, the aqautic life, like most types of fish,  came into being. Aqautic means living in water.

It is believed that in Sanatan Dharm ( aka Hinduism )  the life came into being, in the form of Mahaguru ( aka God ) called as Avatar ( अवतार  ). Guru means "One who removes" the "Darkness of matter". Avatar means the same,  but may or may not be humans. Ava ( अव )  means to 'descend' or 'come into existence' and tar ( तार )  means to heal or restore.  So,  the known 8 out of 10 Avatars are as follows :

 # Name नाम  Description 
 1 Fish मत्स्य Aquatic life on Earth
 2 Tortoise कूर्म Amphibian life on Earth
 3 Boar वराह Mammals  on Earth
 4 Narsimha नरसिंह Aggressive and Lion-like humans led by Narsimha.
 5 Vaman वामन Start of  Dwarf humans on Earth led by Vaman.
 6 Parshuram     परशुराम A Leader 'Parshuram' of Forest Dweller humans.
 7 Shri Ram श्री राम A Great Warrior King, during Treta Yug.
 8 Shri Krishn        श्री कृष्ण    A Great All-rounder,   during Dwapar Yug.             

Story of Life on Earth written within the scriptures of The Great Bharat ( aka India ).  Isn't it similar to the Darwin's theory ? Did Darwin suggest it first or it was already documented much much earlier ?


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